Light Weight Hikers Blog proudly stocks the e2e Gram Weenie Pro Stoves

As part of trying to spread a lighter weight style of hiking here in Australia I have made an arrangement with a US based cottage manufacturer to sell his light weight stoves here. End2End Trail Supply’s owner George Carr has been perfecting light weight alcohol stoves for many years and am very pleased to be working with him, these stoves are great. The Gram Weenie Pro which can be see from the link here; weighs an amazing 19 grams. For those curious on how these work George has a youtube video; How to light GWP YouTube To keep things simple and cheap, I am selling the Gram Weenie Pro Stove, windshield, primer pan and Fuel bottle for $20.00 plus the cost of shipping anywhere in Australia.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bush Tucker Book

I recently purchased the book "Bush Tucker Plants of the South-West", very interesting read and something I will take out with me on my next few trips to see if I am able to identify some of the edible plants. I purchased the book from the Bibbulumn Track Foundation office in Perth, it is published by Naturebase. Track members get the book for about $5.80, non-members pay $6.50. Here is an extact-
The Nyoongar people of south-western Australia had a very ordered way of life. Their hunting and gathering patterns were guided by six weather-based seasons. The Nyoongars' resource-based observations enabled them to make the best use of available plant and animal resources at these times. This book provides an insight into some of the common bush tucker plants used by the Nyoongar people.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

USA - Hiking the PCT and Olympic National Park in Washington State - Pedro Arvy

Great Video,
"In August 2009 Franco Darioli, Louis Marshall and myself traveled to Seattle Washington in the USA to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Snoqualmie Pass to Steven's Pass. Then we journeyed to Olympic National Park to the west of Seattle for a three day hike from Obstruction Point."

Check out Pedro's site

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Appy Trails Mark III - Swap or Sell


If you are looking for a new lightweight shelter this might be for you.

I have 2 x Appy Trail Mark III shelters, one is complete the other is minus the poles and pegs, both excellent condition.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hewitts Hill Campsite - Bibbulmun Track

This weekend I went out for a quick overnighter to Hewitts Hill Campsite which is on the Bibbulmun Track. The main reason for this quick hike (only about 25 minute walk in) was to drop off the latest track newsletter and remove one of the signs from the campsite. Happened to come across about 10 Scouts out on a few days walk up to Mundaring. Below photo is of their packs. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bibbulmun Track - Replacement Waugal Tree Markers

Today I went out on a field day with the Bibbulmun Track Foundation volunteers to a section of the track from Brookton Highway North towards Canning Campsite. The day was so that new volunteers as well as old could get to know each other, share some stories and issues about their section of the track.
One of the exercises was installing water bars so that any potential high volumes of rain runoff had a minimal impact on the track itself. We also covered topics such as how to prune vegetation correctly and where and when it is appropriate to install Waugals.
Below is a picture of the proposed new Waugal that will be positioned on a metal colour bond colour pole as opposed to the current ones which are nailed to the trees.