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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bush Tucker Book

I recently purchased the book "Bush Tucker Plants of the South-West", very interesting read and something I will take out with me on my next few trips to see if I am able to identify some of the edible plants. I purchased the book from the Bibbulumn Track Foundation office in Perth, it is published by Naturebase. Track members get the book for about $5.80, non-members pay $6.50. Here is an extact-
The Nyoongar people of south-western Australia had a very ordered way of life. Their hunting and gathering patterns were guided by six weather-based seasons. The Nyoongars' resource-based observations enabled them to make the best use of available plant and animal resources at these times. This book provides an insight into some of the common bush tucker plants used by the Nyoongar people.


  1. I cannot wait to see what you find to eat out there :)

  2. I've had a copy of this book for years and have found it to be highly informative. The downside however is that other than the obvious bush tucker such as the quandong and snottygobble, most of the plants have to be killed as it is their root system that is edible... and digging up plants is an offence in WA :)

  3. Your right there Alan,

    The intention was more to be able to identify what is edible without doing any damage or removing any flora.

    This kind of stuff just interest me.