Light Weight Hikers Blog proudly stocks the e2e Gram Weenie Pro Stoves

As part of trying to spread a lighter weight style of hiking here in Australia I have made an arrangement with a US based cottage manufacturer to sell his light weight stoves here. End2End Trail Supply’s owner George Carr has been perfecting light weight alcohol stoves for many years and am very pleased to be working with him, these stoves are great. The Gram Weenie Pro which can be see from the link here; weighs an amazing 19 grams. For those curious on how these work George has a youtube video; How to light GWP YouTube To keep things simple and cheap, I am selling the Gram Weenie Pro Stove, windshield, primer pan and Fuel bottle for $20.00 plus the cost of shipping anywhere in Australia.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some new Gear on its way - Jetboil and Snowpeak

Waiting on the arrival of some new gear from the US which I picked up on the BackpackingLight forums for a real bargain, well compared to what I would pay for it here if it were available.

The JetBoil PCS was a spare of the moment purchase as the same guy was selling a Snowpeak Hybrid that I was interested in. This is a little heavier than I would normally like to take out with me but the idea was so that when I take my son out or go with a group I would be able to cook rather than my normal rehydration which only requires hot water.

I can see the JetBoil being used more for car camping, fishing or some short walks in winter where a hot drink or soup might be nice. Some images below.

Since the last post on this I have been able to measure the weights of the Jetboil components and the Snowpeak setup, after all thats what we are interested in right?

Snowpeak frypan/lid - 62g
Snowpeak bowl - 52g
Snowpeak rubber bowl - 78g
Total - 192g

Jetboil PCS cup/body - 202g
Jetboil PCS plastic base/cup - 26g
Jetboil PCS plastic lid - 32g
Jetboil PCS stove - 164g
Total - 424g

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wild Flowers

I wanted to share some images of Wildflowers taken on my last hike along the Bibbulumn Track.