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As part of trying to spread a lighter weight style of hiking here in Australia I have made an arrangement with a US based cottage manufacturer to sell his light weight stoves here. End2End Trail Supply’s owner George Carr has been perfecting light weight alcohol stoves for many years and am very pleased to be working with him, these stoves are great. The Gram Weenie Pro which can be see from the link here; weighs an amazing 19 grams. For those curious on how these work George has a youtube video; How to light GWP YouTube To keep things simple and cheap, I am selling the Gram Weenie Pro Stove, windshield, primer pan and Fuel bottle for $20.00 plus the cost of shipping anywhere in Australia.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

StickPic - updated version

If you don't own a StickPic, then you really should, these are a great little camera accessory that allows you to take self portraits by attaching your digital camera to the end of your trekking pole. The whole device weights about 10g so is something you would take on every trip without worrying about the weight penalty.
Early in the year I reviewed the origional version and thanks to Rod Java and David Lopez I will have the opportunity to review the latest.
Some inital differences (original on the left, new on the right) are nice and obvious, firstly as you can see the black jam nut has been altered from a standard circular type with a cerated edge to a design that better allows for grip. The through hole on the newer model is also slightly tapered to ensure it stays on the trekking pole more securely, it wedges in a little better. There is also a slight cosmetic difference in that the team now use a machine to engrave "THE STICKPIC" rather than having to hand punch each. Well done again guys, great product.

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