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As part of trying to spread a lighter weight style of hiking here in Australia I have made an arrangement with a US based cottage manufacturer to sell his light weight stoves here. End2End Trail Supply’s owner George Carr has been perfecting light weight alcohol stoves for many years and am very pleased to be working with him, these stoves are great. The Gram Weenie Pro which can be see from the link here; weighs an amazing 19 grams. For those curious on how these work George has a youtube video; How to light GWP YouTube To keep things simple and cheap, I am selling the Gram Weenie Pro Stove, windshield, primer pan and Fuel bottle for $20.00 plus the cost of shipping anywhere in Australia.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mountain Laurel Designs Poncho Tarp - on the way

For all those interested, intregued or a a complete UL junkie like myself you will of at some stage looked at Poncho Tarps. They are not only a great dual use item (tarp and poncho) but generally their weight cannot be matched by combinations of jackets and pants.
After quite a lengthly process of investigating whats out there I had decided on the MLD Poncho Tarp due to its light weight, great hood design, functional tarp design and Ron's (owner of MLD) proven track record. The timing could not have been better for me as I managed to get one from Backpackinglight forums that had not been used and at a considerable cheaper price. Now is the waiting game, and I will report back on its use when we hit winter. Here are some images from Ron's website.


  1. A poncho tarp is an excellent dual use piece of gear for those who can fit under it. Some complain that it isn't a smart idea to have your rain gear do double duty as your shelter because you'll no doubt need to leave your shelter at some point for one reason or another during a rain event. The solution is to carry one of those inexpensive and lightweight emergency ponchos and bring it out only if you need it. With both pieces, you'll never have a problem and save plenty of weight.

  2. I personally am not yet ready to try a poncho tarp, but admit that it is a great piece of gear and excellent for multi-use. I am looking forward how your experiences are with it, and who knows, maybe I will follow suit some day =)

  3. Thanks Hendrik, I will let you know how it goes

  4. Hi JGG,

    That's a great idea I hadn't thought of, I do have an emergency poncho.