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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bush Ticks in the suburbs


While out in the garden this weekend I found a nice little bush tick crawling up my leg, unusual as I have never seen one around the house before.

This species are not dangerous to your health, however if they manage to burrow into your skin they can leave a nice little wound that is quite itchy for several weeks.

I decided to keep this one and will use it to show the Joey Scouts. I used a small jar and pure alcohol to preserve it.

Be on the look-out!


  1. Hello Mark,

    They might not be dangerous themselves, but sometimes they spread very nasty infections. It happens very rarely, but the results can be very bad. I don't know the exact English term, it must be something like Lime's disease.

  2. Hi Sergei,
    You are correct, however on the West Coast of Australia where I live there the ticks we have here are not known to be carriers of harmful disease themselves.

  3. Use permethrin based fluids to treat clothing. It's the only way to keep ticks away from you